Our Top 5 Favorite Black & White Books For Newborns

  1. Hello Garden Bugs

    One of the first books we provided at FaithLIt was the Hello Garden Bugs high contrasting book.  Even now I am using it with my newborn who loves to stare at the hard lines that are scattered across the page.   We no longer have this book in stock online but we have linked the book to Amazon through our affiliate marketing page!

  2. Ditty Bird: High Contrast Book

    At FaithLit we love Ditty Bird products and got very excited when they came out with this high contrast book.  You will find this book will be a favorite from newborn age and several years after due to the added sound effects. You can find this book still currently available in our FaithLit store.  Click the link to shop.

  3. Wee Gallery Friendly Faces

    This is the only soft book in our top 5 list.  While there are many soft books out there we just can't get over the quality that Wee Gallery provides.  Durable and soft perfect for that newborn baby skin as they do tummy time on their favorite book.  

  4. Hello Animals

    This book was the first black and white book I personally ever used for my first born. It is primarily in black and white with a little splash of color on each page.  It's a great book for baby to start with. 

  5. Babys Black and White Contrast Book

    This is not the first book of Tabitha Paige that we have showcased.  We previously had one of her originals; Wishy Washy in stock on our FaithLit site.  Now we want to showcase her Black & White contrast book.  Not only is the book perfect for baby's, the artwork is adorable.  

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