About Us

We recognize the importance of exposing our children to literature from birth to ensure proper curiosity and brain development. We also understand that navigating current literature can prove to be a minefield of innuendos and values that may not align with a biblical worldview and/or conventional education standards.

We want you to feel safe and secure that the books your children are reading are appropriate and share your values.

Each and every book is carefully screened by our book specialists for:

  1. Sexually Explicit Content: We believe that you, the parent, should discern when your child is ready to learn about human sexuality. We also believe children should be educated on this topic solely through a biblical perspective, not through an entertainment avenue outside of Gods design. A well written book does not need sexual content to be interesting or entertaining.
  1. Anti-Nuclear Family Content: We believe Gods design and foundation to be the traditional nuclear family, one man and one woman. Our books will continue to encourage that dynamic, while also promoting kindness and compassion to any families that do not fit the traditional family.
  2. Witchcraft and Sorcery: While some of the books we provide are allegory, in similar format to Narnia & Lord of The Rings, we do not agree with the promotion of true witchcraft, white magic or sorcery.
  3. Gender Confusion: We believe that each child was created and given gifts by God and are designed perfectly without mistake. We believe children should be affirmed and encouraged in their God-given identity, including their gender. We do not believe in or promote the narrative that children need to change their outward appearance in order to be who they are truly meant to be by Gods design.

Contact Us

If you would like to submit a book for review or a book to be added to one of our book boxes, please send us a PDF copy along with the age group it was created for at info@faith-lit.com.