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God's Mighty Acts in Salvation
Justice on the Acropolis
Courage in the Colosseum (Virtue Adventures Book 2)

Board Books

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A to Z Board book
Soldout Be Brave and Bold: 10 Daring Men of God (Brave Heroes and Bold Defenders) Board book

Picture Books

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Soldout Most of All, Jesus Loves You! Hardcover
Jesus Calling The Story of Easter
Soldout How Do You Wish Jesus A Happy Birthday

Bibles Stories & Devotionals

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The Savior Under the Stars: Advent Edition
CSB Journal and Draw Bible for Kids, Blue Hardcover

Heroes of Liberty: Clara Barton - Hard Cover
A to Z Board book

Book Boxes

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Little Cub (Ages 0 - 3) - FaithLit LLC
Little Lion (Ages 4 -7) - FaithLit LLC
Lion Pride (Ages 8 - 10) - FaithLit LLC
Lion Troop (Mixed Ages 0 - 10) - FaithLit LLC