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Red, White, and Blue: Our Flag Matters to Me and You Paperback

Red, White, and Our Flag Matters to Me and You explains some of the many reasons why we stand for our American flag and the freedoms it represents. When a little boy finds an American flag in tatters on...

An Extraordinary Teacher: A Bible Story About Priscilla (Called and Courageous Girls) Hardcover

You Have a Story to Tell

As a little girl, Priscilla loved to read, developing the gifts God will one day help her use to become a distinguished teacher in the early church.

Goodnight Bible Stories: Tuck Me In Handle Board Book Board book

The Goodnight Bible Stories is a wonderful way to introduce your little ones to the Bible and God's love. The book features 12 beautifully illustrated Bible stories that will help young children...

Patriots, Redcoats and Spies (American Revolutionary War Adventures) Hardcover

In book one of the American Revolutionary War Adventures historical fiction series, readers ages 8-12 can experience the Revolutionary War firsthand in this novel based on actual events. When their father is injured, twins John and Ambrose...

The Biggest, Best Light: Shining God’s Love into the World Around You Hardcover

Children ages four to seven will discover that the biggest, best light is God’s love and that walking in it protects them from sin’s harmful shadows. Equally important, they will be encouraged to shine God’s light on others.

Most of All, Jesus Loves You! Hardcover Soldout

It's wonderful to have parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, and uncles and aunts who love us. But the deepest love comes from Jesus. This bedtime story will leave the sweetest of thoughts in a child's head as the little...

The Miracle of the Bread, the Fish, and the Boy Hardcover – Picture Book

Teach Little Ones a Big Lesson About Trusting God

The boy with the loaves and fishes is a popular Sunday School story, teaching kids about generosity. But the lesson shouldn't end there.

In this...

Mikey and the Not-So Awesome Possums (Holy Moleys) Paperback

“You aren’t friends with those guys, are you?” Mikey just wants to be the ‘cool kid’. The thing is he isn’t. And friends definitely aren’t!

When face-to-face with the “Awesome Possums” on his first day back at...

Blessings in B Town Paperback

All the people living in town have learned a very important lesson, and now they want to share that lesson with you! Spend the day with the B Town boys and girls to learn how being a...

Roxy the Ritzy Camel Hardcover

estselling author Anthony DeStefano brings the vain and possession-loving Roxy the camel to life to demonstrate the familiar Bible verse: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for...