Book Review: Bake Sale - Graphic Novel

Bake Sale - Graphic Novel By Sara Varon: 4/5 Stars

For February our theme of the month is bread! So when searching for a good comic book for our Lion Pride book club this is one book I reviewed that did not end up in our box.  However, if your child enjoys comic books or is a reluctant reader, you may want to check it out. 

Things I Found Odd:

  1. Baked Goods Creating & Consuming Baked Goods:
    It was very difficult to get past the cannibalism type theme throughout the comic book.  I almost considered giving it a 3/5 stars mainly for this reason. The baker is a cupcake who creates other baked goods and consumes them.  While the cupcake is alive and animated the baked goods that created are not, so perhaps that is what makes this oddity okay.  However, I believe it can be confusing to some kids that read the book (or perhaps only the parents will notice.)
  2. The Turkish Bath Scene:
    There is one scene written in the book that is supposed to be at a sauna or spa.  It seemed completely unnecessary to the plot of the story.  There was some humor in how each type of food was effected by too much heat or steam but it seemed more odd than funny to me.

Things I Enjoyed:

  1. Hard Work & Dedication: 
    The cupcakes goal in the book is to raise enough money to travel and meet his Baking Chef Idol with his Eggplant friend.  He works overtime, makes sacrifices during his free time and comes up with creative ways to earn the money.  I thought the dedication Cupcake showed was a great lesson for any child interested in starting their own business one day. 
  2. The Recipes: 
    Throughout the book there are recipes provided that you can try at home!  Any child that enjoys baking with their parents should love this part of the book and I highly recommend using it for any reluctant readers to help make reading more enjoyable. 
  3. Generosity:
    Even after all of the sacrifices Cupcake made in his free time and all of the hard work he put in to raise funds for his trip he was still unable to go.  Why?  Because his buddy Eggplant got laid off and could not longer afford to visit his family like he had planned.  So Cupcake pays for Eggplants ticket to visit family in spite of it costing him his opportunity to meet his idol.

    This is the reason I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars instead of 3.  I loved seeing the Cupcakes hard work and dedication but loved even more his generosity and willingness to help his Eggplant friend.


I recommend this book for reluctant readers who perhaps enjoy comic books more than others, and for those young readers who love baking

The suggested age range is between 8-12 years old.  

Where to Buy:

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